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This is Gomorrah (eBook, ePUB)
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What he knows could kill him. . . ´Gripping, intelligent and stylish´ Sophie Hannah At the darkest heart of the internet lies Gomorrah. An exclusive online market place where anything and everything is for sale: guns and porn, identities and elections, lives and deaths. Azi Bello is nobody´s idea of a hero. From a shed in his mum´s back garden in East Croydon, he spins webs in the darknet to lure evil from the shadows. Until evil comes knocking at his door in the real world, taking everything he has, sending him on the run, risking his life, offering him redemption. But at a price he never expected to pay . . . The gates of Gomorrah have been opened. All hell is about to break loose. This is Gomorrah : ´A techno-thriller with wit and style.´ Mick Herron ´Punchy, powerful and one hell of a wild ride, this is thriller writing at its absolute best´ Chris Whitaker ´Tom Chatfield has written the classic twenty-first century thriller. Move over James Bond: Azi Bello has hacked your smartphone and he owns you.´ Michael Ridpath ´A seething knot of spies, hackers, terrorists, tech and humans: absolutely brilliant´ Carl Miller ´Fast and funny, dangerous and blinding-bright . . . an adrenaline-rush of a book for our menacing times´ Paul Cody This is Gomorrah : ´Unputdownable . . . action-packed and engaging´ ´It did not disappoint. Moves at a break neck pace from start to finish . . . one of the best thrillers I have read so far this year´ ´This book feels so current, and frighteningly so in many ways. I liked the detail and tense and gritty prose. Looking forward to the next book!´ ´I am lost for words to describe just how spectacular this book is . . . a must read and I suspect it´s going to be a big hit´ ´This is one of the best books I have read so far this year, a clever rollercoaster of a ride and I cannot wait for the next book in this series´

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